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Halloween 2019

It's the two years anniversary of the founding of New Thorp. The villagers of New Thorp will be celebrating in their beautiful community. New Thorp is amazing. There are homes for the villagers, a marketplace, a Church of Fo, and an empty mansion. New Thorp is surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains, hillside, and the west coast of Liberty. As part of the anniversary celebration, they are inviting others to join the village. Who wouldn't want to spend a lovely evening in a small village? Come to New Thorp and experience a night as a villager. Be reminded of what they fought for in Thorp two years prior. And of couse, have fun.

Champion Black Dragon Hatchling slaying

We will be slaying the Champion Black Dragon Hatchling at Event Arena South!

Blue Dragon Hatchling slaying

Blue Dragon Hatchling slaying

Red drake slaying

We will be slaying the Red dragon hatchling on Liberty.

Liberty black dragon slaying

The black dragon on Liberty has been penned and will be slain on Sunday 28 July.

Hunger Games 2.0 Part 1

This event will be a Hunger Games style event. It will take place in the Novus PVP Zone. Everybody is free to participate no matter how high or low your skills are. To participate in this event you will have to sign up for one of the groups. See the forum link for more info.

Novus Impalong!

An impalong is an event where high skilled people help others who need their tools, armor or weapons etc imp'ed up to a better quality. There will be imping, sermons, games and more! See the forum thread for more info.

Jackal's Return Rift

We will be clearing the Rift at Jackal's Return.

Blue Drake Slaying

We will be slaying the Blue Drake on Novus.

Red dragon slaying

The red dragon on Liberty has been penned!