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A Priestapalooza is where a bunch of priests (followers as well) gather together, and rotate sermons every 30 minutes for amazing faith gains.

Hump Day Red Dragon Hatching Slaying

A mid-week dragon slaying!

Burning Love Party

A special red drake has appeared on Novus from a player hatched egg.

Chopped - Sklo Style

A cooking contest replicated from the Chopped TV Show.

Angry Black Dragon Slaying

Hosted by Arbi, Danielle, Elfin and Snidor

Grinch Slaying

A special Christmas themed Troll King to slay.

Ivan's Folly Rift

Rift event at Ivan's Folly

Burning Sands Rift

Hosted by Knightshade

Frosty the Snow Dragon Slaying

A special Christmas themed dragon to slay.

New Year on Sklotopolis

The new year event on Sklotopolis.