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Everfree Woods Rift - Novus

Novus - Host:- Redford Time:- 8pm UTC Date:- 26th June, 2022

Starting: 2022-06-26 20:00:00 UTC
Ends: 2022-06-26 22:00:00


Past events

Red Dragon slaying

Novus @ Fountain Harbour. 18th June, 2022. 8pm UTC.

Blue Drake Slaying

Slaying of the blue drake immediately following the Priestapalooza

Priestapolooza - June 10 thru 13th 2022

Praying, sermoning, channeling, meditation

Who's Mine Is It Anyway?

A unique trivia contest which could result in winning some moon metals!

Ivan's Folly Rift

Rift event at Ivan's Folly on Liberty

White Drake Event

The slaying of the white drake

Burning Sands Rift Event

Novus Burning Sands Rift Event Date 14th May 2022 Time 7pm UTC.

Shoreline Hall Priestazoola

Liberty Shoreline Hall Priestazoola Spring 2022 - Host Daerqueside May 13th - May 15th 6pm UTC

Sklotopolis Fruit Volley

A cooking contest involving fruit!

Black Dragon Slaying

Black Dragon Slaying on Novus Date:- 30th April, 2022 Time:- 9pm UTC