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Kyklops slaying

Kyklops slaying on 14th August 2021 - 8PM UTC

Starting: 2021-08-14 22:00:00 UTC
Ends: 2021-08-14 23:30:00


Past events

Champion Black Dragon Slaying

Novus - Champion Black Dragon. 8pm UTC. 1st August

Green Dragon Hatchling Slaying

Liberty - Green Dragon Hatchling, 24th July, 8pm UTC

Burning Sands Rift

Novus - Burning Sands Rift Event - Saturday, 17th July 8pm UTC

Double Slaying - Red Dragon & Troll King

Novus - Red Dragon and Troll King slaying - 7pm UTC. 3rd July, 2021.

Jackal's Agony Rift

Jackal's Agony Rift - Host Shao

Sailing Event

This an exploration event to revisit some of the work done by the original Sklotopolis settlers. We will begin at Hidden Inn. You will need to be sharp eyed, for the way will be marked by red flags and buoys, as well as clues given at various points.

Everfree Woods Rift Event

Novus Rift at Everfree Woods

Black Dragon Slaying

Next Black Dragon Slaying on Liberty

Double Slaying - Black Dragon, Troll King

Novus - Double Slaying - Black Dragon, Troll King. 30th May 7pm UTC.

Hell Razed Forest Rift Event

Next Rift on Liberty