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Jackal's Return Rift

Novus Jackal's Return Rift 29th October 6pm UTC - Host: Redford

Starting: 2021-10-24 18:00:00 UTC
Ends: 2021-10-29 20:00:00


Past events

Ivan's Folly Rift

Liberty - Ivan's Folly Rift (Halloween theme surprise) - Bring tents - Host: Darkhorse

Scavenger Hunt of Cobra King

Scavenger Hunt of Cobra King - 9th October 2021 - 16 UTC

Red Dragon Hatchling Slaying

Red Hatchling Event - Novus East Arena - 2nd October - 8pm UTC.

Blue Dragon Hatchling Slaying

Liberty - Blue Drake Event - 19th September - 8pm UTC.

Rift at Jackal's Return

Novus Rift at Jackal's Return - 18th September - 8pm UTC.

Ivan's Folly Rift

Ivan's Folly Rift Event - 7pm UTC - 11th September

Forest Giant slaying

Novus - Forest Giant slaying - 8pm UTC - 21st August.

Burning Sands Rift

Novus - Burning Sands Rift - 15th August - 8pm UTC - Hosted by Redford

Kyklops slaying

Kyklops slaying on 14th August 2021 - 8PM UTC

Jackal's Agony Rift

Liberty - Jackal's Agony Rift 8th August 8pm UTC - Hosted by Ceyer