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March Grindalong

Pandacoffee/Dweia Hosts. 1st March - 10th March Begins 5pm UTC 1st March.

Starting: 2024-03-01 17:00:00 UTC
Ends: 2024-03-10 17:00:00


Spring Fun n Games

14th March - 17th March Begins 7pm UTC 14th March Host Baloo

Starting: 2024-03-14 19:00:00 UTC
Ends: 2024-03-17 19:00:00


Past events

Hellrazed Forest Rift

Liberty Hellrazed Forest Rift - Pandacoffee and Dweia Hosts. 7pm UTC 28th February.

Novus Black Dragon

Novus Black Dragon 24th February 8pm UTC Event Arena North.

Eden forest Rift

Caza Eden forest Rift Host Baloo 9pm UTC 22nd February. tp available.

Red Dragon Hatchling

Red Dragon Hatchling - Elfin host Date:- 11th February. Time:- 8pm UTC. Location:- Rainbow Meadows.

The Burning Sands Rift Event

Host Redford. Date:- 9th February. Time:- 7pm UTC Location:- Burning Sands Safe house. Novus.

Eden Forest Rift

Caza - Eden Forest Rift - Host Elizarya 8pm UTC 21st January.

Jackal's Agony Rift Event

Liberty - Jackal's Agony Rift Event - Host Baloo 9pm UTC. 20th January.

Venerable Red Drake

Venerable Red Drake slaying - 8 P.M UTC on Saturday January 13th - Event Area South

Black Dragon Hatchling slaying

Black Dragon Hatchling slaying. Liberty - West Event Arena. 8th January, 2024. 9pm UTC.

Jackal's Return Rift

Novus - Jackal's Return Rift Date:- 6th January, 2024 Time:- 8pm UTC. Host:- Wolfbane