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Everfree Woods Rift

Novus - Everfree Woods Rift Event. Host Juliuscaesar. 23rd September. 7pm UTC.

Starting: 2023-09-23 19:00:00 UTC
Ends: 2023-09-23 21:00:00


Global Spelling Casting

Global Spelling Casting - All Servers Juliuscasear. 23rd September. 7pm UTC.

Starting: 2023-09-23 19:00:00 UTC
Ends: 2023-09-23 19:30:00


Black Dragon Slaying

Liberty - Black Dragon Event Host Elfin 30th September. 7pm UTC.

Starting: 2023-09-30 19:00:00 UTC
Ends: 2023-09-30 21:00:00


Past events

Ludus Magnus

Liberty. Ludus Magnus - event for new players. - host Dordain. Date:- 9th - 10th September Time:- 7pm UTC.

Hellrazed Forest Rift

The mysterious red light has once again burst through to alert us that the rift mobs are gathering.

Goblin Leader Slaying

Rumours of the venerable goblin leader's presence on Liberty are no longer rumours! A 24 hour manhunt, a major operation conducted across Liberty by Snakey and Flpsilva, came to an end yesterday when Snakey found and apprehended the fugitive all by herself.

Inaugural games flavian amphitheatre

Liberty Inaugural-games-flavian-amphitheatre. Host Juliuscaesar aided by Snakey. 7pm UTC 20th - 27th August.

Red Dragon Slaying

Novus - Red Dragon Slaying. Time 7pm UTC Date 19th August 2023 Host Elfin.

Liberty Summer priestapazoola

Liberty Summer priestapazoola. Hosts Lolabelle and Windee Sermons and Global Spells August 10th 8PM UTC - Aug 12th 8PM UTC

Troll King Event

Troll King Event. Novus. Date:- 16th July, 2023 Time:- 8pm UTC

Jackal's Agony Rift

Liberty - Jackal's Agony Rift Event. Host Lolabelle. July 16th. 8pm UTC.

Event Burning Sands Rift

Event Burning Sands Rift - Host Juliuscasesar 9th July 2023 7pm UTC.

Real Life Adventure Mazes

Real Life Adventure Mazes. Carus and Event coordinator team Hosting Date June 30th 5pm UTC until July 2nd 9pm UTC.